Talentazo’s Privacy Policy

Effective December 18th, 2020


Everyone who visits Talentazo (hereinafter mentioned as “User”) must read the Platform’s data privacy policy (hereinafter mentioned as “Policy”) carefully to understand how Talentazo (hereinafter mentioned as the “Platform”) manages personal information on the Platform. This Policy may change from time to time; any changes made to this Policy will be posted on the Platform. Changes to this Policy are effective as of the stated "Effective" date. Talentazo takes the continued use of the Platform as the acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, any changes. This Policy should be checked periodically for any updates or changes.


In case of any questions, contact Talentazo’s team at info@talantazo.ch .


1.    Data processing


1.1                  Collected data


Talentazo’s system automatically gathers information to offer Users a pleasant experience on the Platform. All collected data helps to optimize the Platform’s performance and ensure data security.


The following user data will be collected:


-       The URL from where the User found our Platform, including the date and time.

-       Browser information (type, version, and language)

-       Any error or bug during each visit to the Platform.

-       Cookies (which can be disabled on any browser but might prevent from using all features on the Platform)

-       Device information (IP address and operating system)


1.2                Data storage


Data is collected and stored with Talentazo’s server provider, Hostinger International, Ltd, in a server in the Netherlands. Business communication, concluded contracts, and accounting data will be stored for up to 10 years. All data is processed for the required time that Talentazo needs it, on its legitimate interest, until it is automatically deleted.


Personal information will not be sold to third parties nor transferred for processing purposes to third parties abroad. If Talentazo were to consider a third party for processing purposes, this party would have to be one that fulfills Switzerland’s or Europe’s personal data protection guidelines.


1.3                Data security


All data is encrypted and stored on the Platform’s server. Team members or collaborators are the only ones with access to Talentazo’s data and should manage it under confidentiality for the purpose of improving the Platform’s performance, services, and experience.


Every User has the right to request what data is being stored, request a correction of any incorrect data, and to delete data. For such requests, Talentazo may require an identity card. In some cases, Talentazo may charge a fee for specific requests.