Help & Support

Effective July 1st, 2020


Account Verification

To protect you from fake profiles and any violation to our Policies, we ask users to


     prove they are not a robot.

     add their identity card in their seller’s account.

     confirm their account via e-mail.


Reports and Warnings


All users can report a violation against their rights. These reports are accepted as long as they are by our Terms . Our team processes all reports and then answers them directly.

Keep in mind that accounts with two to three warnings may be suspended from the Site as we strive to have a friendly, safe, and harmonic environment.


Getting Paid


Sellers are entitled to receive payments from buyers directly. Every seller can define the deposit amount for every purchase (e.g., 15%, 25% or 50%). As soon as a seller receives the deposit, the order is processed and accepted. As mentioned all over the policies, Talentazo is not a payment service provider, so no issues with payments will be solved by Talentazo.