Event planning made easy.


Talentazo counts with a variety of service providers for your events. You can choose the category you need according to your requirements.  


Why buying on Talentazo?


     Get personalized orders from a variety of talented service providers. Order and quickly pay the service you like the most. All service providers are in one place to make event planning an easy thing to do.

     Find those services that are available in the location, on the day, and at the time you need them.

     Hold conversations with service providers at a professional level while keeping your services very well documented and tracked.  

     Let the whole world know that a service provider deserves to be hired by giving hearts and writing an excellent review after an outstanding service.

     Talentazo will offer you immediate assistance in case of a dispute. Read our Terms of Service to see what applies.



This video will walk you through our Site.   


Our Philosophy


We strive to give you a pleasant experience on our Site. On Talentazo, everyone has an opportunity to order the best event service as well as to offer it.


Be Flexible


Being flexible has become such a crucial topic in our lives. Who doesn’t want to be flexible at work and feel free to decide when and how to work? Talentazo offers this possibility to sellers. Who doesn’t like to try new talents from an array of service providers? Talentazo has buyers needs in mind.


Win Trust


Every order should be an opportunity to establish a trustworthy relationship. Buyers should make an order trusting that it will be delivered on time, and it will fulfil their requirements. At the same time, sellers trust that as soon as a deposit is made a buyer will pay the rest of the payment and wants the service to happen.


Show Empathy


We encourage everyone on our Site to


     understand one another and accept each other’s differences.

     give valuable and constructive feedback without harming someone’s integrity.

     make sure that everyone’s limitations are respected.